Dominion Digital introduces Windrose Compliance Suite in the 17th Annual FIBA AML Compliance Conference

The seventeenth FIBA AML edition, celebrated in Miami, has been the chosen event by Dominion Digital to present Windrose Compliance Suite: the RegTech solutions line that achieves efficient and effective regulatory compliance, enabling rapid adaptation to changes in regulations and greater process automation.

The prestigious annual conference, tackles the most important Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing issues, with the aim to provide participants with an in-depth and practical learning experience. All of this, while encouraging participation in frank dialogue with key parties from all segments of the complex world of anti-money laundering risk management.

Dominion Digital has presented the products ALERT and RULE, both conceived by international experts. ALERT is the integrated Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing system. While RULE, is the Regulatory Reporting platform to help entities comply with the information requisites of the different regulators.